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This is true for all planet ressources and asteroid fields. Gazes can always be collected from Gaz Giants due to their large quantity. The same is true for special locations that are not cities like ship wrecks or special biotopes on planets: you have 1 chance to visit them, after this you cannot longer collect anything out of them. Planetary cities and starports are different as they allow you endless resupply and business as long as your reputation is ok Limited ressources means: You cannot play this game like a sandbox, you always need to think ahead and make strategic and tactical choices.

That's also the signature of a good rogue-like game.

There are 3 categories of ressources: common, uncommon and rare. All 3 are increasingly worth more in credits and yield more for your ship hull and tanks. Generally always use common ressources for your ship and do not sell them not worth it, except maybe minerals , while if possible you always collect and KEEP rare ressources for trading, this is the way to make credits fast to buy important things. Collect common gazes to refuel when you get low on fuel, but always know how far away the next starport is where you will always refuel when your fuel is low so it's worthwile.

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  • The Journey Home: Autobiography of an American Swami.
  • The Journey Home: Autobiography of an American Swami.
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Some ship types that you chose at the start will cost less to refuel at stations, if they have smaller tanks they will cost less. It's very important to stay close to some starport that will fit your needs in the short term. Always refuel and repair at starports. The price is always the same unaware of how low on fuel you are and how much damaged your ship is. So better refuel at a starport when your fuel is really low, so you get the most milage out of your ship and you save credits.

NEVER restock your jump fuel on starports: it's too expensive and you can easily get it for free see jump fuel in the next section. So you have to be very choosy for what you spend your credits, also watch out for the gate costs to a new nebula, this is a bill you will have to pay for sure, also it gets expensive if the race that offers the gate is enemy to you! As a general rule: If you have a lot of credits and lots of ressources, a ideal situation that you will rarely face, then make your journey home as FAST as possible, you don't have to do much blah blah with an Alien or accept quests unless this is really necessary.

The shorter your number of jumps, the less damage you will take, and you could easily spend your money for repairs at stations. You can refill for free your jump fuel tanks by orbiting suns, but this will be dangerous because of more or less intense radiation. In all cases you get a radiation warning in form of a progress bar, as long as the bar stays low below the middle you should be safe, plan your orbit so that you stay only for little time in the orbit ring, then the radiation bar will only be high for a short time.

Be sure not to waste too much fuel while getting into orbit, the right technique is to enter an eccentric orbit that will only pass the orbit ring for a short time then sling-shotting your ship away from the sun and then returning to the same partial orbit. Let the gravity do its job and use thrusters as little as possible to make slight trajectory corrections.

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On brown or white dwarfs with very little radiation you can even enter a permanent orbit close to the ring limit, but only do this if the radiation is really low, not going over the middle of the radiation warning bar. Your tanks will then fill very fast. Is it better to use your minerals to refuel, or should you sell them?

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That's tricky to answer because you may sell them for a high price, but then you must chose to orbit suns to get fuel and your crew may bet burned, so you need to buy medicines which are not cheap and also not so easy to find. Never think in terms of profit when selling ressources.

I would for sure use the common minerals to refuel and also use the uncommon and rare ones if my crew is already injured. Never let one of your crew go to 4 injuries without the possiblitly of healing him because the next slightest injury will get him killed! Exposure to higher radiation will use up your hull, slowly but surely, for that reason use the galaxy map to chose the best star canditates that emmit only lower radiation.

Except Black Holes and Pulsars which are really dangerous, all other stars can be partially orbited to scoop jump fuel, generally white and brown dwarfs are safer, and better chose smaller ones, but what counts in any situation is the level of your radiation bar, if it stays too long on the high side then crew will burn and system damages can occur, there is also some RNG involved. It took him 6 months to reach India through Turkey, Afghanistan and Pakistan by land and with little or no money.

I admired his determination and belief in his own quest. It was a surprise that the idea of India came to an American teenager in the s when this country was even less tourist-friendly or known. It was good to know about all the sadhus he met--including Neem Karoli Baba who I'd heard about only in Steve Jobs' context--and his genuine interest in learning from them.

I felt sorry for his troubles so many times and heaved a sigh of relief each time he got to eat anything substantial. After all his doubts, learnings, struggles, I've to say, however, that I was disappointed with his final decision to connect with a glamourous brand like Iskcon. Much as I enjoy going into clean and large Iskcon temples, eating its lovely prasad or buying rosary beads from its Delhi store, in its present state, Iskcon's concept brings many doubts to mind about its mission.

And, this is when I believe in Krishna as a God too. Recently, when I asked a young Sivanand Ashram Swami about his impressions of Iskcon's mandate and method, he said that it has evolved into something that may not have been Srila Prabhupada's vision of it.

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To my own mind, Iskcon promotes a cult movement by offering music, dancing and single-minded chanting of a mantra. It's almost as if it's created a template that is attractive to adopt by Western seekers. I realize that many would advice me to keep my own heart and quest clear instead of deriding any sect but for now my impression of Iskcon is based on my experience of it And yet, I do not mean to trivialize Richard Slavin's journey to find God and a guru.

I'm full of admiration for his hardships and bravery to leave a comfortable life. The book itself is well written for someone who hadn't kept notes on his experiences and wrote about them 35 years later. Aug 27, Kavesh rated it it was amazing.

The Journey Home: Autobiography of an American Swami

Truly marvelous book. I had been a interested in the book reading since childhood, and have read various books but this book is just a different one. Extreme adventures and yet true!!

No movie maker or a fiction writer can ever imagine to compose such a story! The book is replete with great adventurous and thrilling real-life events that take place in the life of a sincere seeker of the truth. Aug 29, Erinmelissa rated it it was amazing. The reason is probably because it was pulling me in the direction of a more solitary spiritual journey and motherhood will be the opposite of that--just the wrong energy for the moment.

Maybe I'll finish this book when my kid starts kindergarten. Jan 18, Hanuman Dass rated it it was amazing Shelves: iskcon. Westerners especially those who have an Indian heritage can relate to the stories of great individuals like Radhanath Swami. He is a living saint, master and it has been my great fortune to have his darshan on two occasions.

This is an excellent book, and there is a wonderful insight into his meeting with Ram Dass and Neem Karoli Baba, my copy is covered with copius notes, and I have read this from cover to cover twice. Oct 31, Hoshi Bhad rated it it was amazing.

The Journey Home: A Beginner's Guide to Reading Tarot Cards - Raven Shine - Google книги

Anyone seriously or even casually looking for answers in life, this is the book. What should be "MY" role in this vast world, how can "I" help myself and others also, these questions were cleared when i read this book. And definitely clears the concepts related to God and His-will, different religions. Mar 28, Manisha rated it really liked it Shelves: autobiography. Although I know the Himalayas is full of mysteries, it was nice to know it from the pen of an American. We Indians, from childhood, hear so much about people having super natural powers living peacefully in the high mountain range of Himalayas, beyond the reach of common people.

It was like getting one more evidence in favour of all the legends. Apr 10, Adhiraj Didwania rated it did not like it. Over-exaggerated and over-blown. Radhanath indulges in shameless self-aggrandizement.

His blind followers love this book as evident from the ratings and they couldn't be more deluded about an eccentric, egocentric, sanctimonious charlatan. This is more of a self-hagiography than an autobiography.